moist air Thermodynamic & Transport Properties
Pure Or Mix Name
English Short Name
English Full Name
Dry Air Molecular Weight
Dry Air Molecular Weight
Moist Air Composition
moist air :Introduction
Dry bulb Temperature*=
Acceptable Range < T <
< P <
Relative Humidity(RH)=
Humidity Ratio=
Dew Point Temperature=
Wet Bulb Temperature=
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moist air:Thermodynamic & Transport Properties Calculated Result
Relative HumidityRelative Humidity=
Humidity ratioHumidity Ratio=
G (Water Vapor) / kg (Dry Air)
Dew Point TemperatureDew Point Temperature=
Wet Bulb TemperaturWet Bulb Temperature=
Dry bulb temperatureDry bulb temperature=
Atmospheric Pressure=
Specific VolumeSpecific Volume=
Specific EnthalpySpecific Enthalpy=
Specific Entropy Specific Entropy =
Internal EnergyInternal Energy=
specific heatSpecific heat(Cp)=
Specific Heat(Cv)=
Adiabatic ExponentCp/Cv=
Compression FactorCompression Factor=
 Helmholtz EnergyHelmholtz Energy=
Gibbs free energy?Gibbs Free Energy?y=
fugacityFugacity =
Fugacity Coefficient Fugacity Coefficient=
Joule Thomson coefficientJoule-Thomson Coefficient =
SonicSpeed of Sound=
Second Virial Coefficient2nd Virial Coefficient=
3rd Virial Coefficient=
 Thermal Conductivity Thermal Conductivity=
 Thermal Diffusivity Thermal Diffusivity=
Kinematic ViscosityKinematic Viscosity =
Dynamic ViscosityDynamic Viscosity =
 Prandtl Number Prandtl Number=
Relative Dielectric ConstantRelative Dielectric Constant =

pujariankush : What formulas are used for calculating properties? What are the references for the same?      (2021/3/2 22:23:39)
grothbart : A wonderful online calculator. Could you think about adding electrical resistivity? (2020/7/26 12:59:00)
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