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The eThermo research team was created in 2009, formed by some researchers and computer engineering, focused on the research and development of thermodynamics & transport properties calculation model. The team provided many users the customized properties data service, including dynamic-link library (DLL), static-link library, PC software, Application Program Interface (API), etc. Currently the properties calculation program can be connected to .NET, J2EE and COM platform. It can be called by C++, C#,VB, JAVA and FORTRAN programming language. The thermodynamics & transport properties calculation model was established based on authoritative Reference.

According to calculation results, the comparison of 100 million data between the eThermo research team and the National Bureau of Standards (NIST) was carried out. The calculation results fit very well with NIST’s data. The eThermo research team provided service for more than 300 thousand users in last six years. The data accuracy and reliability was praised by users.

Note: For the same Fluid, if available,Venus model is better than Mercury model, and Mercury model is better than Mars Model.

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